Heritage Walk – Bromley North

Above the shopfronts hidden away in quiet parks, streets and behind walls are some insights into Bromley’s past. From the 17th Century Bromley College, to the Market Square, to HG Wells birthplace, we take a tour of discovery around Bromley North Village.

Bromley literally means “the heath where broom grows”. The town developed around the market place, located at today’s Market Square, and grew along the old London to Hastings turnpike. Increased traffic brought larger buildings  such as posting houses and inns to accommodate travellers. The market town on high ground above the valley of the River Ravensbourne benefited from pleasant views and healthy country air. Early maps show buildings grouped around the market place and the High Street. Up to the middle of the 19th century the town extended from the College in the north, to the site of the Aberdeen Buildings, in the south, with estate gardens abutting sections of the High Street. Little changed until the railway came to Bromley in 1858.

Suggested Route:

1. Town Pump in Market Square 
2. Market Square x

3. Birthplace of HG Wells (Victoria Chambers now Primark)

4. 184-188 High Street – HSBC

traditional flint stone tower

6. 194 High Street – The Partridge

7. 196 High Street formally Pamphilons
8. The Royal Bell x

9. Walters Yard

10. The Star and Garter
Black-and-white house with jetties, turret and balconies

11. The Swan and Mitre

12. Bromley and Sheppard Colleges
Georgian hall with pedimented arch affording glimpse beyond

13. College Slip

14. K2 Telephone Kiosk

15. The Railway Public House

16. Bromley North Station

17. The Old Drill Hall (now O’Neils)
a white washed pitched roofed hall

18. No. 19 East St (former Local Board house)

19. West St (former Post Office)
20. Number 8 South Street x
21. The Fire Station x
22. Community House (former Magistrates Court) x
23. Former Town Hall x
24. Former School of Art and Science x
25. Former Town Hall extension blue-slate roofed 2-storey neo-georgian building

1. Town Pump 2. Market Square 3. H G Wells Birthplace 4. 180-184 High Street 5. St Peter & St Paul Church 6. The Partridge 7. TP’s (196-198 High Street) 8. The Royal Bell 9. Walters Yard 10. Star and Garter 11. Swan & Mitre 12. Bromley College 13. College Slip 14. K2 Telephone Kiosk 15. The Railway 16. Bromley North Station 17. O’Neills (Old Drill Hall) 18. 19 East Street 19. Former Post Office 20. 8 South Street 21. Fire Station 22. Community House 23. Former Town Hall 24. Former school of Science and Art 25. Former Town Hall

This Heritage Trail is also on LBB web site at: www.bromley.gov.uk /bromleynorthheritagetrail

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