Famous People

There are a number of famous people who have lived and worked in Bromley town centre and borough:

  • group of 1960s teens sitting on ballustrade

    David Bowie in Bromley (or Bickley, or Beckenham)

    David Bowie (the famous musician!) was born in Southwark. His parents then moved to Bromley South (106 Canon Road, and briefly attending Raglan Road School), before settling at 4 Plaistow Grove, where he spent his school years, attending Ravenswood School For Boys. In 1969 he moved out of Bromley, to Foxgrove Road, Beckenham. Like other…
  • a Georgian gentleman

    Famous People – Dr James Scott

    Dr James Scott, from EL Horsburgh’s book. In the Victorian times, Dr James Scott’s (1779-1848) had a surgery, on Bromley High Street. His surgery stood opposite the Royal Bell Hotel, where the Diners Inn (formerly George Week’s shop, as a ceramic tile panel attests) is now. He was nationally famous and renowned, gained his notoriety…
  • Famous People – Sir John Lubbock

    The Lubbock family lived in the mansion house of High Elms, near Downe. Sir John Lubbock (born 1834) was the son of Sir John Lubbock (born 1801) and was a banker for his family company. He is best known for his “antiquarian” interests (nowadays this spans the disciplines of Geology, Archaeology, and Social History) and…
  • victorian gentleman with fine moustache

    Robert Dyas – a surprise Bromley resident

    Robert Dyas It has been good to welcome a branch of Robert Dyas now open in Bromley High Street and even more so since it has been discovered by staff at the Local Studies Library that Robert Dyas lived for the last 30 years of his life in Blyth Road, just off Beckenham Lane, in…

There are also a number of notable architects who have added to the heritage buildings in our town:

  • Architect – Evelyn Hellicar

    Bromley’s forgotten architect by Doug Black in 2005 In 2005, Doug Black, Bromley Council’s principal conservation officer, was intrigued by the work of Edwardian architect Evelyn Hellicar, who lived nearly all his life in the borough and was responsible for the design of many fine buildings both in Bromley and in the West Country. Despite…
  • Arts And Crafts Movement in Bromley – Ernest Newton

    The renowned architect Ernest Newton has built one of his best works in Bromley: The Royal Bell.
  • Charles Cowels-Voysey, Architect, Art Deco in Bromley

    Charles Cowles Voysey (1889-1981) and a renowned architect in the early 20th Century.  In Bromley he was responsible for the ‘Town Hall extension’ (1939) and the former Magistrates Court (1939), Elsewhere, his other notable completed works includes Worthing Town Hall, seven years earlier (6) and Kingsley Hall in the East End of London (3). He…