H.G. Wells in Bromley

H G Wells is a famous author, writing books such as author of The War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine with prescience.

His father had a shop on the high street, and it was here, on 21 September 1866, that  Herbert George Wells was born. He spent much of his early childhood in the town until he was apprenticed to a draper and left the area.

The shop was later demolised, and is occupied by the Victoria Chambers building, now part of primark.

Unfortunately, HG Wells had a certain amount of contempt for the place he spent his childhood.

H GWells wrote, in a barely legible letter to Mr Heyward, a wealthy local dignitary, in 1934: “Bromley has not been particularly gracious to me nor I to Bromley and I don’t think I want to add the Freedom of Bromley to the Freedom of the City of London and the Freedom of the City of Brissago — both of which I have.”


The letter was found by Brian Philp, director of Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit, tucked into an autobiography of H G Wells given to him by the daughter of Mr Heyward in 1986 (to whom it had been sent).

In one of his books, Wells describes the place as a ‘morbid sprawl of population’.

H G Wells  wrote; “I am sorry I do not remember being born…” in his spidery scrawl, on a postcard to contemporary local historian William Baxter, who had apparently been badgering the author for information about growing up in Bromley.


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