2019 Plan Development Sites

Sites identified for housing in the 2019 adopted Local Plan.

Please see our explanation of the role of Local Plans in our planning system, but in general, it provides a blue-print of the borough’s building plans for the next ten years. It is very difficult to stop building on a site listed in the Local Plan for development.

  • 2019 Local Plan Site 1 ABC Civic Centre

    This was the Bishops Palace for the Bishops of Rochester, and later became Stockwell College. These buildings that currently form the seat of our local government is to be split into 3 parts so that the central section can become housing and a hotel: Site 1A – Civic Centre north section, multi-storey car park, Stockwell…
  • 2019 Local Plan Site 10 High Street West

    This plan involves Compulsory Purchase and tower blocks over Ethelbert Close, and further blocks down the High Street, demolishing nearly every building, including the former Gaumont Cinema
  • 2019 Local Plan Site 2 – Bromley North Station

    The Area around Bromley North Station has been on the plans for redevelopment, for at least 10 years. Each new version increases the number of ‘units’ (housing units, in this case flats) that are expected to fit on the site. At the current rate the eventual build will be 8-12 storey line, in the style…
  • 2019 Local Plan Site 3 – Hill Car Park & Adjacent

    Redevelopment of the Hill Car park site. entry in the Local Plan: Site Policy: Development for mixed use including retail (150sqm), cultural facilities, car parking for the public and for residential, and 150 residential units.Proposals will be expected to: respect the character of Bromley North Village, the Bromley Town Conservation Area and the locally listed…
  • Local Plan Sites 4 & 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

    Sites 4 (Homesdale Gas Holders) and 5 (Bickley Stn sidings) are situated just south of the town centre. 6 is Bromley Gym and park in St Pauls Cray. 7 (Orchards Lodge), 8 (Bassetts Campus) and 9 (Bruce Road Depot) are built.