Town Centre Green Spaces

Bromley is fortunate in having three parks adjoining the High Street, but many shoppers are unaware that they could just walk 100 yards or less, and sit down in pleasant green-space. There is a large children’s sand pit, play equipment, skating park, tennis courts, and the unknown gem of the Palace Park with views of the Bishops Palace, a moat, ice house and rockeries. At Martin’s Hill there’s an impressive view to Crystal Palace and the war memorial. Queens Gardens hosts some cinema sessions in the summer.

These parks have an active Friends group:

Friends of Bromley Town Parks & Gardens dedicated to “Promoting Bromley’s green centre”

  • small lake surrounded by trees

    Church House and Library Gardens

    View of the fish pond from the little bridge These two parks are really one; it is just a historical note that Library Gardens is the level area behind the Churchill Theatre; you then go down the slope to the integrated Church House Gardens. In this proposal, tower blocks of SIte G, ‘Churchill Gardens’ loom…
  • path with trees along wall

    College Slip, K2 Telephone Box & College Green Pocket Park – Heritage

    College Slip is the passageway which follows the old college wall. In the latter part of the 19th century it was still a country lane leading to open fields.
  • yellow broom flowers with war memorial behind

    Martins Hill, the War Memorial, and the Ravensbourne of Yesteryear

    Martins Hill and War Memorial. In the early years of the railway, the slopes were noted for the perfusion of broom, and made the hillside appear quite yellow from the train.
  • nice round flower bed and trees and lawn

    Queens Gardens and formerly White Hart Field

    Queens Gardens, thanks to Friends of Bromley Town Parks & Gardens In 1897 the lord of the manor, Charles Cole-Childs, gave the field known as White Hart Field, to the people. This became Queens Gardens. Before the Glades was built it stretched between Market Square and the Bishops Palace (the Bishops of Rochester were the…
  • Grassy park with Churchill Theatre peeping over trees

    Queens Mead and it’s Protected View

    Down Glassmill Road, the other side of the River Ravensbourne from Martins Hill, is the grassy park of Queens Mead. It has a protected view, though this looks like it will not survive much longer: View of Martins Hill from Queens Mead, with Churchill Theatre peeping over the trees. The line of buildings that are…
  • golden leaved oak tree

    The Old Bromley Oak

    The Bromley Oak in Autumn colour This veteran oak tree (Quercus robur) was reprieved, when the Glades was being built, and still proudly stands at the side of Kentish Way. Originally it grew on the corner of the grounds of the house “Bromley Lodge” and Love Lane. It is over 500 years old. It is…
  • The Palace Park

    The Palace Parkland in 1899 (Francis Frith) The park is the grounds of the former Bishops Palace. A quarter of the parkland was sold in November 2019 (including the listed folly and 2 buildings that Bromley Council have allowed to become in bad repair), and it is expected that the ‘Urban Open Space’ status from…

Below are old photographs – and some newer ones – of our green spaces in the town centre: