BCS and Parks Heritage Walk No.1 Market Square and North High Street

Start at the south side of Market Square, outside Ann Summers. Look at the Primark Extension opposite you:

  1. Market Square & Primark Extension
  2. Medhursts 1898 building, now Primarks, now walk north a bit towards McDonalds and look to your left:
  3. HSBC bank occupying Covil & Harris’s butcher shop and parade
  4. MacDonalds occupies an 18th century shop which for generations until around 1971 was the Bakery of the Maunders family. Next door, Jessops also occupies a Georgian terrace of similar age and importance.
  5. Lloyds and Bon Marche occupy the former ‘Caters’ store built in 1957, one of the first supermarkets in the country. The architecture has a ‘Festival of Britain’ feel. It occupies the site of the Old Bull Inn which was, in the 19th c was divided in two as Skilton’s the Butcher and Issards Stores. Some beautiful early 19th century paintings on wood panels from the old Bull Inn can be seen by appointment at Bromley Museum.
  6. Cafe Rouge, built in 1883 by local draper, Herbert Collings, well known for banishing the old system of credit and introducing the idea of window shopping.

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