Market Square

The market square dates from medieval times, when Bromley was granted a market charter.

  • 180-184 High Street (HSBC Bank) – Heritage Building Profile

    Built in 1888 to provide shop premises. It was designed by Walter Albert Williams and built in the Flemish style. Above the first floor window are terracotta carvings which include the letters ‘C’ and ‘H’ for Covell & Harris, the butchers, former occupants of the building.
  • Heritage – Town Pump

    The town pump is in the corner of Market Square, with the Darwin mural  behind it.
  • Shops with awnings and two storeys above them; horse drawn carts in street.

    Market Square – Heritage Buildings

    Market Square is the centre of the Old Town which until the coming of the railway in 1858 comprised a single street. The Market Charter, to hold a market every Tuesday (later changed to Thursday) was granted to Bishop Gandalf (the Bishops were the Lords of the Manor) by King John in 1205. The limits…
  • Market Square Nos 20-25 Former Dunns Building

    Locally listed 1960s style with pleasant proportions, and a framed rectangle section at the front, and coloured panels. The previous building, a rebuild after the 1909 Market Square fire, was a fine 1920s Arts and Crafts black-and-white framed building incorporating a series of yards and sheds at the back, which housed not just the furniture…
  • a churchy looking brick building with italian style tower

    Market Square The Old New Townhall – Heritage Buildings

    Built, at his own cost, by the new Lord of the Manor, Coles-Child.  The bricks were from his own brickpit, from where Havelock Rec is now:…/. It seems that it was at least 3 different buildings kludged together… most of its life rented by an estate agents, included the police station with a cell, and…
  • Medhursts, now Primark, 162 High Street – Heritage Building Profile

    Primark occupies Fred Meadhurst’s Department store, the name being visible high above the central entrance. Medhurst’s was a drapery shop, first occupying numbers 49 and 50 in the High Street, which was started in 1879 by Fred Medhurst. The business was so successful that successive adjoining shops were bought as they became vacant, from 1879…
  • Victoria Chambers, now Primark’s Annex, 160 High Street – Heritage Building Profile

    Primark annex next to Mothercare occupies Victoria Chambers, a fine building from the 1890s in the Arts & Crafts style with its characteristic Dutch influence. With the building of a new section of road called the ‘New Cut’ in 1832, a sharp bend in the High Street was removed. The buildings constructed following this work…
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