2019 Local Plan Site 1 ABC Civic Centre

This was the Bishops Palace for the Bishops of Rochester, and later became Stockwell College. These buildings that currently form the seat of our local government is to be split into 3 parts so that the central section can become housing and a hotel:

  • Site 1A – Civic Centre north section, multi-storey car park, Stockwell building
  • Site 1B – central belt of the Civic Centre and old Palace grounds

This was Site F in the 2010 Area Action Plan.

70 units. Conflicted by being placed on the Urban Open Space area. Future of the listed old Bishops Palace is not clear, looking like being a hotel. Objections to selling the parkland / urban open space for the housing: here

broom stem from wiki commons (Wellcome collection)
Letter ‘L’ for our Easter Hunt game

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