Comments on the Supplementary Planning Document consultation

oval of proposed high-rises compared with oval of nicer ones
comparison of proposed overbearing designs with nicer modern developments (as built in Kent this year)

This summer the council has run a consultation to decide whether to issue supplementary planning guidance for Bromley and Orpington town centres.

The consultation was run by Commonplace and closed 5th October 2020. You can view the comments people made by clicking the [View Comments] button at the bottom of each theme’s page: overview.

Note: the Planning Guidance adds to, but not changes, the policies in the Bromley Local Plan (Local Plans are enforceable 10-year building programmes) – but importantly, it can state the appearance and height of any developments.

 We would like to see it result in appealing good quality, locality-specific proposals in future rather than the androgynous high rises already put forward.


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