Thanks to your help – Maplin tower block rejected by one vote!

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to object to this development.

vertical car park building
66-70 high street proposed 12 storeys behind Maplins

The Development and Control Committee voted 9 to 8 to reject the proposal for the ugly dominating tower over the former Maplins shop.

Losing the application by one vote, means that it is very likely to go to appeal. Still, it is much better to go to appeal than have this block. The latest set of plans were significantly different from the original proposals; the tower was reduced in height (but not enough) and the lovely neo-Georgian shopfront was retained (good) but reduced to a façade (bad). It was still a homage to 1960’s brutalism.

The worst thing about the application was that it would be cited as precedent, so that the other 8 high-rises would be almost certain to be approved:

The current Neo-Georgian building on the corner of Ethelbert Road:

neo-gothic brick shop with pediments and scooped skyline
Neo-Gothic shop with juliet balconies and pediments over the windows
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