Archive: Drop In announced for Park Sale

There will be a drop in event for the sale of part of our Palace Park, on 10th September at 7.30pm at the Civic Centre. But, this sale is being described as the disposal of derelict buildings, (it contains 2 caltrop shaped buildings that the council has allowed to deteriorate) in this part of the palace gardens. Even worse, it looks like the council is going to allow prospective buyers to bypass planning permission, preventing anyone from objecting to the development:

Tony, our chairman says “Nothing has come through to Bromley Civic Society. What has come through is a reply to some of my queries from David Berger, the Council lawyer saying that it has been decided (by who?) that the prospective buyer of this historic public open space has been told that they will not need to apply for planning permission to convert the former Stockwell College buildings from offices to residential as this constitutes ‘permitted development’ ignoring the fact that the buildings lie within designated Urban Open Space council policy for which specifically forbids residential development.”

These photographs show that it is not just run down buildings that are being ‘disposed of’, it is palace grounds.

Locations of the photos of more interesting plants in the area to be sold off
Little Lawns at the entrance to the Palace Park and Civic Centre (the former Bishops Palace)
The Listed Folly building
A Secret garden gate, in ornate wrought iron
Ivy clad wall with the Secret Garden Gate
Lawn with mature Field Maple trees and purple flowering magnolia bush
Narnia style lamp post alone in the woods
Tear shaped tree in a 3-sided square of hedges
Looking up at the very old oak tree by the entrance gate
Purple buds on the centrepiece bush in the lawn
Entrance gate to the Palace park and Civic Centre (formerly the Bishops Palace)

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