Have your say: Email or Drop In and stop our Parkland becoming housing

Help stop our parkland being built on: Email  David Berger at the Council – david.berger@bromley.gov.uk and go to the Ward Councillors Drop In (7.30pm on 10th September at the Civic Centre). The Town Ward Councillors describe it as selling derelict buildings but this is our parkland that’s being ‘disposed’. It’s even been decided that if the new owner’s builds blocks on the existing footprint, they won’t have to apply for planning permission. Regardless, once the land is sold, it’s gone forever, and it will never be possible for it to be part of the palace grounds again.

The land to be sold, with the existing buildings on – new blocks that follow this footprint might not require planning consent
satellite composed pic of houses on the parkland
Impression of the houses that might be built on our parkland if the Council sell this parkland

Alternatively, the park friends and iDVerde could apply for grants and demolish the buildings, restoring the gardens of the Old Bishops Palace:

An impression of how it could look if the buildings were demolished and the parkland restored where they stand

Tony Banfield, our chairman, says “.. all of the green space shown in [this] post is being sold. What you call the park is only part of the open space of the Bishops Palace land designated Urban Open Space, and the whole, including the sale site, having had free public access for the past 35 years. “

These are photos of the listed folly, a secret gate and other notable plantings that are in the land being sold:

photos of folly, fancy iron gate, narnia lamp post, and parkland
Vignettes of our neglected but lovely parkland being sold by the Council

The 2019 local plan designated that the council intends that 70 housing units will be built on the whole of the civic centre grounds, an area this bit is only part of:

Housing ‘units’ planned in the entire civic centre area
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