Bromley Town Centre consultation: Bulletin No.1 – ‘Quick Feedback’

oval of proposed high-rises compared with oval of nicer ones
comparison of proposed overbearing designs with nicer modern developments

At Bromley Civic Society, we think it is important that we all take part in this Consultation.  To assist you in making your contribution we are producing a series of Bulletins on each of the Themes in the Consultation to meet the deadline of 5th October 2020.

The purpose of the new Planning Guidance is to add to but not change the policies and proposals in the Bromley Local Plan (adopted in 2019).

On our website here: there is a detailed explanation of how to use the ‘Commenting’ and the ‘Thumbs up’ procedure.  For a simple way in, follow the steps below.

When you Save your comments, you will be asked to confirm your email address.  You can make further comments later.  

Make a Comment in the QUICK FEEDBACK theme:

‘Quick Feedback’ enables a general comment about what the guidance should include.

First click on then ‘Have Your Say’, then the ‘Quick Feedback’ box

Answer the question:
‘Do you think the Council should prepare detailed planning guidance for Bromley Town Centre?’ 

We suggest you click the ‘smiley face’ meaning yes!

Then in the box labelled ‘What should this guidance include?’ BCS suggests the following notes reflect our main concerns:

There needs to be guidance on:
* the height of new buildings in various parts of the town centre
* tall buildings should not overlook or impact upon the Conservation Area or open spaces in the town
* the historic environment, which is particularly important to the character and distinctiveness of the town centre
* the use and protection of open spaces in the town
* alternative uses for vacant retail premises to allow for community and cultural uses

Editor’s Note: This consultation is about what future development of the town centre will look like. It cannot be used to change the amount of future housing that will be built. It can change what it looks like and how high it is.

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