Archive, 2013, September: Site L 1 Westmoreland Road, Bromley

Planning ref 13/02451 – 1 Westmoreland Road, Bromley: 20th September 2013

BCS have sent in their comments on this revised planning application for the development of the ex-DSS building (Opportunity site L). We are concerned at the lack of any significant changes since last application. Our comments can be viewed here: A_BCS comments_ September 2013_Site L_ plan ref 1302451

Planning application for former DHSS site rejected

Telereal Trillium planning application for a hotel-led scheme including a tall building was refused by Bromley council in early 2013. It is understood that a major reason for refusal was the blocking of the view of Keston Ridge from the High Street. This is AAP Site ‘L’.

Despite many objections from local people who will be overlooked by this development Cathedral’s plans for the massive development of this site were accepted by L.B.Bromley Development Control Committee.

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