High Street No. 242, Picture House Cinema – Heritage Buildings

Opened on the 21st December 1936, it is one of Odeon’s original “Oscar Deutsch Odeon” cinemas, in Art Deco style, by George Coles.

TODO replace with one from camera. By Simon Steele.

It seated 1,492 in the main auditorium; with 1,018 in the stalls and 474 in the circle.

In 2006 the Empire chain bought the property, with Cineworld then aquiring it in 2106. They restored the frontage, restored the Art Deco decor, and opened it as a Picturehouse cinema in 2019. The bar/cafe has period decor recovered from the Co-op building in Widmore Road on demolition in 1998 (and stored in our chairman’s wife’s garage in between times!).

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