Write To Stop Sell-Off of more Public Heritage Open Space

The site is part of the Bishop of Rochester’s Palace Park which is the setting of 6 listed buildings

stone and flint mini tower with arched window
To Be LOST: the stone-and-flint folly from the Bishops Palace – made with fragments found in the Moat during restoration work in the 19th Century

Please write and object to this sale to :David Mark Bowen, Director of Corporate Services, LB Bromley, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH  or email it to : mark.bowen@bromley.gov.uk    Mark it Proposed sale of land at Bromley Civic Centre  and include your name address and postcode otherwise it will not be accepted.  Don’t be put off by this mad deadline !:  Copies to the Ward Councillors and BCS would be welcome.
CllrNicky.Dykes@bromley.gov.uk   William.Harmer@bromley.gov.uk   Michael.Rutherford@bromley.gov.uk

The Park has been seriously damaged in the past: firstly by the later Stockwell College buildings and then by Bromley Council developing the entire western lands to construct Kentish Way, the Civic Centre Multi Storey Car Park and new Civic Offices.

How the Palace Gardens were lost: originally a green vista from Market Square, they were first sold for housing in the 1930s (but Queens Gardens retained for the people) then the ‘Western Lawns’ were sold off for the bypass and car park. Now the last fragment is up for sale…

Because of this degree of redevelopment the Council, in 1987, designated the rest of the Park including that now offered for sale as ‘permanent open space’ with the proviso that there should be no more development.  

Before and After pics of the Western Lawns when the Bypass was built in the 1990s

Heritage and, in particular, open space heritage is a vulnerable and finite resource. Once lost it is lost forever unless in the gift of an owner responsible enough to value it’s historic and environmental value to the community and future generations. That is what we expect of our elected Council, this case, as owner and guardian of our open space heritage in accordance with adopted policy. To grab this historic land for development is just inexcusable and it should be returned to Parkland.

permanent open space designation for the remaining palace grounds
The area that the council previously designated Permanent Open space. The chunk being sold is the bottom right quarter.
delineated area to be sold, the bottom right quarter of the previous map.
The chunk of the grounds to be sold, nearly a quarter of the whole (see above).
St Blaise’s well… not in the chunk to be sold, but this you walk through the contended chunk to reach this well.
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