Protected Views

In Bromley, the council has policies designed to stop ‘Protected Views’ from being destroyed by developers. In practise, this is not always the case. Two protected views that are on the line with current planning proposals:

(1) The East side of the Ravensbourne Valley, notably from Queens Mead

coloured blocks of high-rises marching over the hill crest
This protected view is subject to planning proposals from Churchill Quarter, 2-4 Ringers Road, and the former maplins site.

(2) View of Keston Ridge from the Broadway (lower High Street)

view of green ridge behind low buildings and lots of cars
The protected view of Keston Ridge from the Broadway, the Lower High Street (Google July 2021)

This protected view has already been partially blocked by the new Police station, but the proposals for 1 Westmoreland Road will completely close it.

Other Protected Views in the town centre:

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