The Supplementary Planning Document that will decide how our Town Centre looks for the next decade

Bromley Council is in the process of drawing up a Supplementary Planning Document for the town centre; together with the local plan, this will determine what the town centre looks like for the next decade. In 2020 they conducted a survey of what people wanted to see in our town centre, the responses to which are public. With the changes after the 2022 election, we are publishing a summary of the results, to help refresh the Councils, and other people’s, memory of what the survey revealed – the majority of people do not want high rise developments in the town centre. 
In addition to the appearance of the built environment, the survey facilitated comments on active travel and air pollution.  This page focuses on the issues that the Civic Society are interested in, which is the buildings and development of the town centre.  The survey was long, at 12 sets of questions, so many people did not progress onto the later ‘themes’.
Overall: 88% of respondents, who commented on building heights, do not want High Rise buildings in the town centre

It is significant, that in the first question set (‘Quick Comments’) for general comments, not just did many people comment on building heights, but the vast majority did not want more high rise buildings:

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