Reminices – Weeks Ironmongery by Peter

An extract from Peter’s contribution to the memories on the Havelock Rec, he writes:

“I had a regular delivery (of broken coke) to the lady next door at No 109 Homesdale Road, called Mrs Stokes. Her husband was the manager of a large Ironmongers in the High Street called Weeks. Manager or not, he still had to come in the house through the back door AFTER HE HAD CHANGED INTO HIS SLIPPERS AND CLEANED HIS SHOES FOR THE FOLLOWING MORNING. But she was very kind to me. I still remember her giving me a lovely shiny Half a Crown for my birthday in 1943  I dropped it between the floor boards when we were hiding in the cupboard under the stairs. My parents continued to live there until my mother died. Then I moved my father to live near me in Crawley, and he sold the house to a Mr Hennesey in 1986 – I often wondered if he found my half Crown.”

There’s more about Weeks ironmongery, on the north part of the High Street, in our page High Street No. 206 Diners Inn formerly George Weeks ironmongery

gable-topped mid-3-storey terrace, civic pride era shop with green tiles.
Diners Inn at 106 High Street, originally Weeks & Sons, by Paul Ylaes

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