Family Treasure Hunt Heritage Trail

You can either walk around this trail (which we recommend), or you can look in this website to find the answers!

From the start point in The Glades, go out towards the Market Square and turn right to see the mural:

These two men were famous residents of Bromley in Victorian times. What are their names? See post…

What is this? 150 years ago, this is where all the people living nearby got their water. See post…

Go past the mural to the corner and look up to the right above Café Rouge

Can you see the flowers on the building? Victorians loved to decorate their buildings in the Arts and Crafts style. This one was built nearly 140 years ago in 1883. What kind of shop did Herbert Collings have here? see post…

Can you see all the strange creatures high up on the building? This one looks like a dragon! It was built by a local butcher. What year was it built? (the date is on the building) see post…

This plaque marks the spot where HG Wells was born (it’s on the ground near the entrance of Primark). His mother called him Bertie. You’ve already seen his picture. What date was he born? see post…

See the clock? It’s over 160 yrs old. The building is just 90 yrs old and has been made to look as though it’s made of wood and brick. Can you see the pegs in the timbers? What style is this central block built in? see post.

Can you spot the round windows on the David Greig building across the Market Square? There’s a lot of decoration on it. It’s called Neo baroque. When was it built? (the date is on the building) see post.

Carry on down the High Street and look for the purple building on the right.

This old building shows that the High Street was narrower in Victorian times. People lived in flats above the shops. Have a look inside Paperchase. What do you see on the ceiling? see post.

Can you see the curved roofs on this building? It’s called the French Empire style – another one of a number of grand shops built after the railway came to Bromley in 1858. What is it called? (the name is on the building). See post.

Turn left around the Market Square toward the HSBC building. Look up

This is what is left of Ravensfell House. It’s about 150 years old. In Victorian times there were several houses like this along the High Street. Most of them were knocked down when the shops were built in the 1923. The parade of shops along the front is called what? see post.

Carry on to the end of the pedestrianised part of the High Street – look down to the right

Can you spot the porch on the Bromley Town Church in Ethelbert Road? It used to be on a Georgian Mansion that was where Metrobank is now. It’s probably 200 years old. See post.

An easy one to spot! Ethelbert was King of Kent and he granted the first Charter in Bromley over 1,000 yrs ago! What was the name of Bromley back then? see post.

Now go into the Glades shopping centre through the Elmfield Entrance on the left. Go all the way along on the ground floor to the far end, past Krispy Kreme and Boots and go through the double doors leading to the toilets.

Another famous resident of Bromley! Who is he?

Now go out of the double doors back past Krispy Kreme up the escalators and back to where you started

The answers (to this online edition) can be found here.

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