2010 Area Action Plan Site F – Palace park lands

Site F: Civic Centre (Local Plan Site 1). AAP proposals were relocation of the Pavilion Leisure facilities, housing and retained Council use.

These were superseded by the Local Plan proposals are retained offices, retained car park, 70 housing units including conversion of the listed old Bishops Palace building, retention of south east open space as a public park as now.

BCS sought restoration of the Palace grounds in consideration of what has been lost to build Kentish Way, the multi-storey car park & the newer Council offices and continued public use of the Grade II listed Palace. This has been rejected by the Council.

In October 2019 the council sold the freehold of a quarter of the palace park land to an unknown bidder, even though the Urban Open Space designation may still apply. The new owner can use permitted development to convert the Y blocks (that the council allowed to fall into disrepair) to housing without planning permission.

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