2010 Area Action Plan Site C – Old Town Halls Tweedy Road

APPROVED by Bromley Council, November 2015.

Site C: Old Town Hall, Tweedy Road & Widmore Road and adjacent Car Park – Council owned Proposals for hotel conversion of both Town Hall buildings and flats on the car park (submitted Jan 2015) was approved by Council (November 2015) but not implemented. CastleForge were sold the freehold in November 2018 and have proposed to refurbish the buildings for office space rental, submitted August 2019.  An improvement on the previous scheme in general, as no retail frontage on the Widmore road side and a public cafe in the old Courtroom, but no access is proposed for the 1907 and 1937 council chambers. This is ‘enabled’ by the profit from building about 50 flats in the south street car park.

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