Urgent! Write Now – Due for Demolition on Saturday (4th May)

Unless there is a protest, the lovely cupola on Community House (which was the Magistrates Court in the 1940s) will be demolished on this Saturday, 4th May.

Please email our council leader: colin.smith@bromley.gov.uk and tell him not to allow this lovely historic feature to be demolished on Saturday.

The new freehold owners – recently sold the property by our council, to save the council tax payers the cost of repairing the property – would also like to avoid the repair costs. Whether the elegant little tower is protected by virtue of the property being locally listed, is not certain, but what is certain, is that if it is demolished it will not be rebuilt.

The cupola is an essential and iconic part of this historic building, built in 1939 by the architect C Cowles Voysey. The old Magistrates Court is one of an identifiable group of public buildings on Widmore Road and South Street.

The cupola on the former Magistrate’s court in 2019.

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