Tour of the Old Town Halls, post-restoration by CastleForge

The first tour of the Former Town Halls, after their conversion and restoration, took place on Saturday 11th February (these tours are a membership benefit! join here). In 2018 the Old Town Hall on Tweedy Road, and the Town Hall Extension on Widmore Road, together with the courthouse, were sold to CastleForge, to convert to co-working offices. Now the buildings have been repaired and converted, Clockwise (who operate the shared office-space) has allowed some tours of the buildings to take place.

The buildings before the conversion:

The highlights of the tour were the 1907 council chamber – with lovely gothic decoration, the 1939 art deco council chamber, the cruise-liner style staircase in the 1939 building, and the beautiful restoration of the 1907 court house.

It must be mentioned, that the tour included the Nuclear Shelter in the 1939 basement (it was dug out after the building was constructed and only a shower base and the impressive doors survive) – and the cells under the 1907 court house (the barred doors have been retained).

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