Object to building these two High Rises – it sets precedent for NINE others

Two huge tower blocks viewed from high above a residential road
Developer’s view of how these blocks would look, a birds eye view from Ravensbourne Road.

There are 3 proposals in the planning system to build 11 tower blocks (between them) on the west side of the High Street, along the top of the ridge over the Ravensbourne Valley. Though the Churchill Quarter and Maplins sites are on hold at present, they will be quickly built if this one is approved. These, and the others planned down the high street, will change our town from a friendly market town to a mass of high rises.

Please find a moment to object to this proposal at: https://searchapplications.bromley.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=R3BM50BTMXS00

We would be grateful if you could copy us in on your comments at cqcampaign@bromleycivicsociety.org.uk , and the ward councillors for the town centre, at:

Julie Ireland – julie.ireland@bromleylibdems.org.uk
Graeme Casey – graeme.casey@bromleylibdems.org.uk
Sam Webber – sam.webber@bromleylibdems.org.uk

To recap, some of the reasons we feel this should not go ahead are:

  • * Setting a precedent for the Churchill Quarter and Maplin schemes.
  • * Excessive and Dominating Height and Massing – these towers will dominate the Ravensbourne Valley for miles, and be the very public face of Bromley as passengers approach the train stations. The Protected View over Queens Mead will be spoilt.
  • * Infrastructure – most residents are already aware of the shortage of GPs, school places, road space for deliveries in the town centre. Thames Water have 44 ‘mis-plumbings’ to investigate for sewage leaks along this row of buildings, it hardly needs a huge new building adding to the problem.
  • * Contravening policies 47 and 48 of the 2019 Local Plan. Policy 47 (Tall Buildings) “required to make a positive contribution to the townscape… ensuring that their massing, scale and layout enhances the character … be appropriate to their local location and historical context” and Policy 48 Skylines declares “developments that impact on the skyline… protect or enhance the quality of the views … View eastern and western skylines of the Ravensbourne Valley”. These towers will not comply to this.

Note: The developer has been relieved of providing any parking (or assessment of traffic generated) by the London Plan.

Three pictures of tower blocks (4 in the left one, two in the middle, two to the right).  All about 10 storeys higher than the roads around them.
The Big Three – any of these developments being approved, will set a precedent for the others. Churchill Quarter, Maplins and Ringers Road.
two pictures of abstract blocks representing buildings, in rainbow colours.
Developer’s projection of how their blocks (in rainbow colours) compare to the other proposals. Note how all the new proposals are at least 8 storeys above existing buildings.
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