Bull Lane allotments designated as Local Green Space

The Bull Lane action group has recently announced the welcome news that the allotments have been designated as Local Green Space.

The allotments, in Bull Lane Chislehurst, had recently come under threat of development which would have meant the loss of land important to the local community, as well as causing inevitable infrastructure problems.

The Council’s Development Control Committee met on Monday 13th July to hear the action group’s proposal for Local Green Space designation. Three councillors spoke for the proposal, no one spoke against it, and it passed with a unanimous vote.  This then went  to the Executive Committee which considered the petition and asked for objections: there were none, so the new designation was granted.  New developments on Local Green Space are not permitted except under very special circumstances. 

As the action groups explains, this does not guarantee that a planning application won’t be submitted, but it does make the process of getting planning permission significantly more difficult.  Most importantly, it sends out a very strong message that the community cares deeply about the allotments and will do everything they can to defend them.




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