Town Centre developments planned by the Council (2019)

These are the development sites in the Local Plan (approved 2019) for the Town Centre:

  • 2019 Local Plan Site 1 ABC Civic Centre

    Site 1A – Civic Centre north section, multi-storey car park, Stockwell buildingSite 1B – central belt of the Civic Centre and old Palace grounds This was Site F in the 2010 Area Action Plan. 70 units. Conflicted by being placed on the Urban Open Space area. Future of the listed old Bishops Palace is not…
  • 2019 Local Plan Site 10 High Street West

    Includes the area identified as Site G in the 2010 Area Action Plan. Site G: Lower High Street (Local Plan Site 10 now extends to include BS Station and platforms). AAP proposals for a shopping Mall now scrapped in favour of the Local Plan modification for 1230 residential units plus offices. Vicinity of TK Maxx…

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